Song by Marine Cornuet

In the dark times, will there also be singing?
Yes. There will also be singing. About the dark times. – Bertolt Brecht

You’ve been thinking about the gold rim
of a priest’s robe, a glimpse of light caught
while turning the pages of a book
about ancient Egypt.

You’ve been traveling with a headlight
in the backyards and bedrooms
of a sunken city, somewhere
near the center of the Mediterranean sea.

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come back Cy Twombly by Chance Austin-Brecher

chalk dust subsumes
          our fingertips
           into the board, a shared
                       motion of
                       our fingertips circling
           the board
                       subsuming chalk
                       dust, no
                                master, no

Chance Austin-Brecher is a San Diego based poet born in Redlands, California.

Call for Submissions!

We are an independent Poetry press seeking submissions for both our themed inaugural print issue, as well as general submissions of poems to be featured on a daily/weekly basis online. We accept submissions of poetry that employ any aesthetic or form, including free verse, lyric, narrative, prose poems, formal and experimental poetry.

We are excited to announce we are now accepting submissions!

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